44. 1997 Cincinnati Bearcats

Key Players: Danny Fortson, Ruben Patterson, Kenyon Martin
Finish: Lost in the second round
Record: 26-8

As you'll soon notice, this is the one of the only teams featured on this entire list that didn't at least make it to the Final Four of the tourney. So, WTF are they doing here? Well, let's just say that we had a bit of thing for the way this team played ball. Almost to a man, guys on this Cincy team said that if Jerry Tarkanian was still at UNLV, they'd have gone there. These were kids who grew up watching the Runnin' Rebels. So they loved to push the ball, play hard-nosed D, and, most importantly, play their asses off every time they set foot on the court. Unfortunately, they were never quite as successful as they probably should have been. But, we sincerely wish there were more badass teams like this in college basketball right now.