10. 1974 North Carolina State Wolfpack

Key Players: David Thompson,Tom Burleson, Moe Rivers
Finish: Won the national championship
Record: 30-1

Featuring Thompson a.k.a. Michael Jordan before there was a Michael Jordan, the Wolfpack of 1972-1974 was one of the best teams in college basketball history. The '72-'73 squad actually went 27-0, but were prevented from participating in the NCAA Tourney because of a dubious probation. The '73-'74 team lost to UCLA in their third game of the season—and then won every contest for the rest of the year, avenging their only loss of the season by beating Bill Walton and UCLA in the semifinal of the 1974 Final Four. That year State bested Maryland 103-100 in overtime to win the ACC title in a game that many folks feel is the greatest college basketball game in the history of the sport. In fact, it was so good that it's often cited as the single reason that the NCAA Tournament expanded to 32 teams (at the time only one team from each conference went to the NCAA Tourney, thus Maryland, a top 5 team in their own right, were denied a spot). Changing the game? That's definitely badass.