Date: 3/14/2004
Location: New York City
Storyline: As an Olympic Gold Medalist and American Hero, Angle thought Guerrero wasn't worthy of his title because of his past drug addiction (pot, meet kettle) and lying, cheating, and stealing ways. Truly a great storyline because the best heels are convinced they're doing the right thing.
Winner: Eddie Guerrero via small package at 21:35
Exactly what you'd expect from these two wrestling machines: Clean mat-wrestling to start that progresses to crisp move-sets, perfect suplexes—Guerrero's triple vertical suplexes were a national treasure—and exquisite storytelling. And what a clever finish! After escaping an ankle lock, Guerrero unties his wrestling boots and plays possum. Angle goes for the move again and instead rips off Eddie's boot. Stunned, he's perfect pray for a Guerrero small package and the pin.

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