1. Derrick Rose, Bulls

Stats: 22.8 PPG 8.0 APG 3.5 RPG 0.9 SPG
Salary: $6,993,708
The Chicago Bulls went through a drought after the Jordan era, which was to be expected after the sport's most famous athlete left the game. In the 10 seasons after MJ's departure, the Bulls compiled a record of 289-499, saw their popularity dwindle, and only made the playoffs on three occasions. Then they hit the lottery jackput (literally) and drafted hometown hero Derrick Rose first overall in the 2008 Draft ahead of Michael Beasley. Since then, the Bulls have made the playoffs every year, won a league-best 62 games in 2010-11, and made it to the Eastern Conference Finals that same season. The reigning MVP's impact off the court has been just as impressive. His jersey was the fifth highest-selling NBA jersey last year (a ranking that's sure to climb this season). This team is a contender and has one of the league's most popular stars with D-Rose. Without him, they're mediocre at best. $94 million? #wellworthit