8. Dwight Howard, Magic

Stats: 21.2 PPG 15.2 RPG 2.2 BPG 1.9 APG
Salary: $17,885,400
If this were a list of the MVPs (Most Vacillating Players) in the league, Superman would be a clear No. 1. He's staked his rep on being loyal now, but he's changed his mind so many times in the past three days (much less the past two years) that it's hard to really think this thing is completely over. We kinda feel for dude (as much as working stiffs can feel for a multi-multi-multi-millionaire): He clearly doesn't feel 100% comfortable in Orlando, but now he's backed himself into a corner where he'll make LeBron James look like Mother Teresa if he leaves.

Still, his worth on the court is unwavering. With him, the Magic are a team that can challenge the Heat and Bulls for the Eastern Conference crown this year and beyond. Conversely, his decision to stay may have bequeathed the proud borough of Brooklyn what could essentially be a really good D-League team for the next few years.