Like baldness or bad breath, the unibrow is one of the rare, mostly genetic oddities that's okay to clown. And while we all remember a kid from junior high, college professor, or Little League umpire with the double-hairline, a head-stache is a rare find on an elite athlete. Until now!

As March Madness begins, prepare yourself for Kentucky's Anthony "The Brow" Davis, one of the most badass players in the tournament who also has a skid on his face like someone pulled the emergency brake on a Camaro speeding across his forehead. The future lottery pick has a pretty ridiculous unibrow, but he's not the only one who could use a little help in the personal grooming department. We've got hairy soccer stars, furry baseball players and enough overgrown brow to make you cough up a hairball. So, wax a strip, press it on, and let it rip as Complex counts down the 20 Greatest Unibrows in Sports History.

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