Years: 1997-2000
Record and Accolades: 147-67 (.687 winning percentage), 2000 Eastern Conference Championship, 1998 Coach of the Year
Great players very rarely make great coaches (see McHale, Kevin). Sometimes great players don't even make good coaches (see Thomas, Isiah). In his three years coaching, Bird led the Pacers to two division titles and an appearance in the Finals in 2000. He won the Coach of the Year in 1998, and that year the Pacers took the Bulls to seven games in the Eastern Conference Finals, arguably the strongest challenge that Chicago faced during their '90s dynasty (sorry Knicks fans). One of the game's all-time great shit talkers, Bird was a players' coach, who also could've come off the bench to play for each of the teams he ran. When your coach can beat you in a game of HORSE, and tell you about it? Very cool.