We hope that you keep Bolton's Fabrice Muamba in your prayers. During today's FA Cup match against Tottenham, Muamba inexplicably fell to the ground in the 41st minute. The medics rushed onto the field and attempted to resuscitate the 23-year-old midfielder for six minutes without any luck after what is initially being called a heart attack. While the White Hart Lane crowd awaited in silence for any sign of good news, the fans started chanting his name in the hopes that everything would be alright. Eventually, the quarterfinal was suspended after Fabrice was rushed off the pitch with his chest still being pumped and an oxygen mask over his face. 

Recently, Sky Sports sent out the following tweet on Muamba's current state. 

We're sure that the Tottenham midfielder will find the strength to pull through because according to his own teammate Stuart Holden, who happened to be watching the game on TV, "Fab is a fighter!"  

[via NBC Sports]

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