Can all the drama surrounding the New Orleans Saints get anymore interesting than it is right now? Seriously. We hope someone has a camera rolling right now, because the things that are going on with this team are simply unbelievable.

Less than a week after Saints head coach Sean Payton was suspended from the NFL for one year for his role in what's been dubbed "Bountygate"—and just a few days after Warren Sapp came out and accused Jeremy Shockey of being the guy who snitched on the Saints bounty program—reports out of N'awlins now indicate that Payton may be toying with the idea of having Bill Parcells (yes, Bill Parcells!) to serve as the interim coach next season in his absence.

"As a friend of Sean's and a football guy, I'm sure he'd consider it," a source close to Parcells told ESPN's Chris Mortensen recently, "but they're talking about a lot of things."

Stay tuned. Because if the Saints offseason so far is any indication, this is only the start of another unbelievable storyline. (And, just as a sidebar: Didn't you get the memo that today is Tim Tebow Day on ESPN, Mort? Gosh. Save your breaking news for tomorrow, man!)

[via ESPN]

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