Alexia Cortez (@AlexiaCortez) looks good in anything she wears. Bathing suits? Nice! Skimpy lingerie? NICE! Next to nothing? Niiiiiiice! So, it shouldn't be a shock to hear that she was recently voted "Miss Photogenic" at the American Dream/World Dream Calendar Girl Pageant in Las Vegas. The girl knows how to take a good picture. And she learned how to do so posing with cars. She used to work next to them at shows like SpoCom. Then, she moved on to modeling in front of them for magazines like Import Tuner and Lowrider. And she's even been a spokesmodel for companies like Toyo Tires and GM. And, do we really need to tell you why? Okay, okay. It's because she's so damn "photogenic." You could put her in front of a car in a potato sack and she'd look good doing it.