We'll come right out and say that nothing is worse than Sammy Sosa hurting himself with his own sneeze. However, if there were ever an injury that could come close to competing with that joke of a headline, it would be David Price's neck spasm-inducing towel. 

"David might need better technique when it comes to toweling himself down,'' manager Joe Maddon poked. "He's been doing it for 20-some years now but apparently doesn't have it down yet. ... We might need more fabric softener in the towels." 

You know it's bad when your coach is even making fun of you to the press. Scheduled to pitch for three innings, Price was pulled after he toweled himself down too hard and caused a mysterious neck spasm. 

"I was just drying my head off in between innings,'' the Rays' pitcher explained. "It's happened to me two times before. The towel just catches the back of my head and it pulls my neck forward. I just felt it a little bit in back of my neck and just wanted to be cautious with it. ... It's spasms, there's a little pop and it just spasms up and gets a little tight.''

Better safe than sorry, we guess. 

[via Tampa Bay Times]

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