If you haven't heard by now, Nike will be creating jerseys for NFL teams next season. And they officially get the right to do so beginning on April 1. It seems that's already started a bit of a controversy, though, because Reebok—the former provider of NFL merchandise—has begun selling Tim Tebow Jets jerseys through the NFL Shop. So Nike, thinking they are the ones who should be cashing in on Tebowmania, is suing Reebok for making one last power play before giving up the NFL contract.

"We have filed a complaint relating to unauthorized use of Tim Tebow's name on New York Jets related apparel," Nike said in a statement released earlier today. "Nike is authorized and licensed to use Tim Tebow's name on products. We have no further comment at this stage."

Our advice if you're thinking about ordering a Tebow Jets jersey: Wait for the Nike threads to drop. Word is they're gonna be more expensive than the Reebok ones. But, don't you want the official official Tebow jersey for next season? Just sayin'.

[via Darren Rovell]

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