Considering the pitching coach's first name is Buddy and the name striped across each player's jersey reads "Peanuts", you'd think the locker room of this South Georgia independent minor league team would be pretty light-hearted. After all, how could you get mad when you're repping Planters' favorite squad? Unfortunately for the players, that assumption couldn't be further from the truth. Buddy York isn't your buddy, guy, he's one seriously pissed off dude with one extremely naughty word in his small vocabulary. 

As shown in this footage from Playing for Peanuts, a documentary about the team, York rips off rapid-fire insults at the Peanuts pitchers, using every version of fuck in the process. In fact, he uses the word a whopping 80 times, five in the first eight seconds alone. If you include the other varieties of curse words, his total would probably hit around 120. After York's guys pitched into 21 2-0 counts over two games, danced around the batters box and failed to perform like men, he tears each one apart. 

"Fuckin' pussies," he screamed. "That's what I think of you tonight. Every one of you sonbitches." 

Now, we're sure this type of stuff happens all the time in sports. It might not be this extreme, but guys on a minor league team are old enough to deal with some curse words. It's nothing they haven't heard before. The problem is presented when the camera zooms in on the coach, revealing a group of kids, most likely bat boys from elementary or middle school, standing in the corner. All they wanted to do was bring out burgers and Skittles! York goes on to tell the players to, "Nut up!" The least they could do is own up to their team name, right? 

[via Playing for Peanuts]

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