Another day, another former NBA player proving why current players need to think seriously about how they invest their money...

Despite the fact that Orlando Woolridge spent 13 years playing for a handful of different NBA teams during the 1980s and early 1990s, he got busted recently trying to steal a bunch of aluminum tubing from a drilling site in Mansfield, La. According to a police report, the former Notre Dame star who was drafted by the Bulls with the sixth pick in the 1981 NBA Draft was arrested on February 24 on a charge of theft of over $1500 after he was spotted trying to make off with aluminum tubing from the drilling site. He was later released after posting $2000 bail.

We know that stuff is expensive. But, really, Orlando? Shouldn't you still have some racks saved up from your NBA career? We hope current NBA players are paying attention.

[via I Am GM]

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