Back in November, we listed the many trials and tribulations Mario Balotelli a.k.a. "The Crown Prince of Shenanigans" And your man continues to live up to that nickname.

On Saturday, Balotelli scored his 14th goal of the Premier League season in a 2-0 Manchester City victory over Bolton. But, shortly after the game, City manager Roberto Mancini announced that he was not happy with the eccentric striker, who was photographed by paparazzi leaving a strip club called "X In The City" in Liverpool on Friday night. It was a clear breach of a Man City team rule that requires all players to be home and in bed the night before a game. So yesterday, Mancini met with Balotelli to tell him that he would be fining him two weeks' worth of wages—or about $396,000—for the transgression.

Right after the meeting, he was also asked whether marriage might be the answer for Balotelli, who has spent the better part of the last couple of years getting into trouble off of the pitch.

"Could be," Mancini told reporters. "Could be."

Right. 'Cause it seems like that's exactly where Balotelli is at in his life, right?

[via The Telegraph]

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