Still holding out hope for the long-awaited Floyd Mayweather, Jr./Manny Pacquiao fight? Well, we've got even more bad news for you. Tax officials in the Philippines have filed a criminal complaint against Pacquiao after he reportedly failed to submit documents to investigators who are looking into his 2010 tax returns. As a result, prosecutors are now trying to decide whether or not to take Pacman to court, where he could be subjected to a penalty of up to two years in jail because of his tax issues.

Worse, the criminal complaint has only been filed because Pacquiao has refused to respond to three notices and a subpoena in the past. That means that he's either: A) Hiding something, or B) Really, really bad at keeping track of his old tax paperwork. Either way, this isn't good for the Mayweather/Pacquiao bout. Because with Money May already facing jail time of his own later this year, Pacman might now be joining him.

Abandon all hope, boxing fans. At this point, it sounds like this fight doesn't have a fighting chance.

[via ESPN]

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