A few weeks ago, we put up a post about a young kid who got Lionel Messi's face shaved into the back of his head. And we thought that was kind of weird. But, this? Well, we think this is really weird.

Apparently, Lionel Messi's older brother Matias Messi is such a big fan of his brother that he has a pretty prominent tattoo of Lionel on his left arm. And he also appeared on a radio station recently, where he proclaimed himself as Lionel's "number one fan" and said that he sends his brother messages reguarly to support him.

"After every game I send a message," he said, "whether the outcome is good or bad. But lately I just say that I do not know what to put...He's from another planet. I always say it."

We're all for showing your brother a little love, which makes the whole "number one fan" thing cool with us. But, was the tattoo really necessary?

[via Dirty Tackle]

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