At this particular point in time, the word "concussion" sends chills down the spines of just about every major sports commissioner in the world. Football players are suffering from them at an alarming rate. A number of well-known baseball players have suffered from them in recent years. And even basketball players like Kobe Bryant and Kyrie Irving are starting to suffer from the occasional concussion here and there. So, if you're an athlete and you're asked about concussions, it's probably best to take whatever you're asked very, very seriously. Concussions are nothing to sneeze at.

And yet, that's exactly what LeBron James did the other night. We already showed you a clip of the collision he got into with Grant Hill during a game on Tuesday night. But, as it turns out, LBJ was asked whether or not he thought he might have a concussion as a result of the hit after the game. And his response will probably surprise you.

"No," he said, "I'm too tough for that...I've got a little headache, but I'll be all right."

Too "tough" for a concussion, Bron? Last we checked, Kobe is a pretty tough dude—in fact, he's one of the toughest dudes we've ever seen play the game of basketball—and even he suffered a concussion recently. So, what in the world makes you think you're not susceptible to one, too? Better safe than sorry, son.

[via Eye On Basketball]

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