If we had to guess, we'd say that unless Wilt Chamberlain has an eight-foot-tall son out there in the world—hey, it's possible, right?—there isn't going to be another NBA player who scores 100 points in a single game like he did back in 1962. We saw Kobe Bryant score 81 in a game and it took a lot for him to reach that number. So, 100? Sorry, but it's just not happening. Especially when you look around the league and see the lack of quality centers.

However, Kobe himself does see it happening. With Friday marking the 50th anniversary of Chamberlain's classic 100-point game, Kobe was asked about the possibility of another player dropping 100 on the competition—and he seems pretty convinced that it could happen.

"It probably won't happen in our generation or the next," he said. "But it will happen...Right place, right time, right team...the right opponent."

Right. So, like, Kevin Durant...against the Bobcats second team...in Oklahoma City...in a triple overtime game? Yeah, even then, the most we can see him dropping is about 70. A hundred points is just unfathomable, which is why, in the last 50 years, no one's really even come close to doing what Chamberlain did.

Some records were meant to be broken. This isn't one of them.

[via Pro Basketball Talk]

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