Jeremy Shockey wants you to know that he was not the Saints "snitch" as Warren Sapp pointed out yesterday on Twitter. And, to try and prove it, he apparently went straight to the source earlier today and texted with Saints head coach Sean Payton about Sapp's accusations. Turns out, Payton doesn't think he's the snitch, and we know this because...well, because Shockey posted a screengrab of the text conversation he had with him.

Now, this obviously isn't a fool-proof way for Shockey to prove that he's not the snitch. After all, you don't have to be a CIA agent to realize that all you need to do to make it look like you received a text from someone is to put their name in your phone book (and the fact that Payton's last text to Shockey involved the use of the word "hug!!!!!" makes us a little suspicious). But we'll give Shock the benefit of the doubt here. Especially since the only evidence anyone has against him is a tweet from Sapp.

So, case closed! Er, for now...

[via The Big Lead]

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