No surprise here, so we'll just cut right to the chase: Jeremy Lin is really glad that Tim Tebow will be playing in New York for the Jets next season. After Lin dropped 16 points in the fourth quarter to help the Knicks beat the 76ers last night, he was asked about the trade that the Jets made to bring Tebow to the Big Apple yesterday. And his response was nothing short of predictable.

"It's awesome," he said. "I'm just excited for him and to see what he does. We'll see what happens next year, but I'm excited obviously that he's going to be in New York...I've only talked to him like once. But he's a great guy from everything I hear, and the conversation I had with him was great as well."

Great! And we're sure the headline writers at the New York Post and New York Daily News are equally as excited to have Linsanity and Tebowmania under one roof now. Hope you're ready for this, New Yorkers...

[via Pro Basketball Talk]

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