Is there any particular year or make that’s really special to you?

I’m pretty much stuck in the '50s and '60s. I listen to classic soul music, the Motown Sound, the Philadelphia sound. That music goes with those cars. My wife listens to that music, my kids listen to that music, and my father, too. They’re generational for us out here.

We listen to Funk Parliament, old west coast hip-hop, like Tati T and King T. Just crazy, "Hard times'" by Run DMC coming out in the lowriders retarded. That’s us. We still do that. We still cruise Hollywood Boulevard in lowriders. Then, we follow with two Phantoms and an Aston Martin. Then, we’ll just drive a car to a public school and do an art class or go to a college with the lowrider and speak to a class about car club culture. It's how car clubs work. We’re always doing something.

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