Why wax?

People want to take care of what they got. They wanna take care of their car. Some of my partners just waxed their drum sets and their guitar, or classic Schwinn bicycle.  It's amazing, because I've been drawing my whole life and going to car shows since I was a kid, but I never thought a spray wax would launch me. I dream of a day when somebody's goin', “Hey man, you know the guy that owns that company? He used to tattoo back in the day!” “Nahhhhh.” “Yeah, Cartoon man, he used to tattoo.” “Yeah, man for real!”

So, the way they think of me right now, I was thinking about tattoos. But I actually was muraling cars and toying with these car shows with my father when I was a kid, way before I knew how to tattoo.

It was kind of the first love, but I’m not quitting my day job, because that’s how I’m able to get cool people into the tattoo shop. My tattoo shop is like my mini museum of cars for people that actually come when they get tattoos. They also get my private collection of cars.