How did you get started on this venture? 

Sanctiond was a name that I created and it was basically our team coming up with a brand name that we could use in different areas to start it out. So it's like stripping telephones, doing MetroPCS, and it was this idea of doing “Sanctioned TV” with all these different areas. A lot of it was a lot more than just me, so I wanted to come up with a brand my whole team could push. That meant we'd have a marketing agency, we'd have a design agency, and then we'd have free-hand art and Estevan Oriol would do photography.

So, I came up with the idea, and I was dreaming of being in the car business. I asked myself how I could get in knowing I didn't want to build cars for a living for other people and I didn’t want to do another rim company because that market is over-saturated. So, I thought, damn, I was always buying wax and detailing my car. We want to make everything we do, whether it is apparel, shoes, electronics or whatever. Our own cars, socks, underwear, you know? Everything we do, we want to design it our way.

The whole concept of doing a wax was crazy to me, because I was walking into the auto store and it was years away from where apparel is now. In apparel you have vinyl toys, you got the labels on the jeans, you can get creative with the packaging, all that stuff. With automotives, NASCAR was probably the hippest thing that was out, at least that I’ve seen. Now I’m not saying to make “hip-hop car wax," but my case goes from so many different styles of cars. From vintage Impala’s to vintage Porsche’s, Mercedes to the 1939 Bugattis, the most beautiful car in the world.

What ties all these cars, these cultures, and the lifestyle together? It's detailing them, keeping them clean and shiny and crispy. So, that was my brainstorm, sitting in my living room, drawing, hitting the computer. I just started sketching models, but I didn’t want to hook up with a major corporation. I wanted to do it with my friends and family, people I already knew through the connects I’ve made through tattooing and our business. We did it without a big brother corporate company behind us.