The Final Four Tour

The Final Four Tour is pretty much done. It was just a matter of getting out and correlating the whole sports and music thing. The relationship goes hand in hand. From a professional level, athletes want to be rappers and rappers want to be athletes. Most of us got cut from JV or varsity or didn’t play in college and that was it. There is such an admiration for sports. It makes my whole world make sense. I’m always saying, “I need my offensive line, I need my starting five to make this all happen."

We just wanted to get out and have the privilege of going to the top programs in the country from Syracuse to North Carolina to Kentucky to Louisville, Ohio State, and Kansas. We really lucked out and made it to all the schools that are in the Final Four now. We just wanted to go out and see some kids, do a few shows and see some basketball games. With March Madness being one of the best sports tournaments, it just adds to this great time of year. You have Spring Break and St. Patrick’s Day, so it was just a great chance to play some live music and see where we’re at with our live performances.