When Gilbert Arenas worked out for the Los Angeles Lakers last month, a source at the workout described him as "slimmed down" and "explosive." We're not sure how well placed that source was, though, because instead of signing Arenas to a contract, the Lakers took one look at him and said, "We've already got Andrew Goudelock; that's good enough for us!" So Arenas—who was once considered one of the greatest scorers in the league—remains unsigned. However, that might not last for much longer.

On Monday, Arenas is reportedly scheduled to work out for the Memphis Grizzlies. With the Grizzlies sitting in fifth in the Western Conference playoff race, they seemingly want to add a scorer to the mix. The only hang-up at this point: Arenas wants a deal for the remainder of the season, while the Grizzlies may only be willing to offer him a 10-day contract to start.

Our question for Gil: If you wait any longer to sign with a team, won't a 10-day contract be a deal that lasts for the rest of the season? Geez. We understand wanting to weigh your options, but GET BACK ON THE COURT, SON! Because this NBA season isn't getting any younger and, no shots, but neither are you.

[via ESPN]

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