4. Aurora Safety Car

Year: 1957
Country Of Origin: U.S.
Stupid Feature: Cthulu-esque bodywork, pedestrian scooper
Complex Says: The Aurora, in its quest for safety, had many brilliant features that are now commonplace, like a collapsible steering column, seat belts, a roll cage, and a padded instrument cluster. It also has some other, less normal features, like a shin-busting bumper that was designed to "scoop up pedestrians without injury," seats that swiveled to face rearward if a collision seemed imminent, and a massively convex windshield. We think that after the bumper broke the shins of a pedestrian, and after the bulbous protrusion broke said walker's hip, the seats swiveled away to spare the passengers the sight of an already mangled person cracking his head on the bizarre windshield.