Opponent: Grambling
Date: 1/28/2012
"The pride of Arkansas Pine-Bluff. If you watch the dunk you immediately think of the Blake Griffins of the world. The guys that are able to go up and dramatically throw it down. One hand maybe goes on the shoulder to help elevate and push, but unlike Blake Griffin's dunks, this one takes me back a little more to Vince Carter in the Olympic games. He goes up over the top, but still got to the rim. It's not just the jump over that we saw with Barlow or we saw with Brown, it's the jump-over with distance, reach, and the finish.

"It was like he went Go-Go Gadget on him. Go-Go Gadget arms reaching out over him to put it in. Especially considering he's 6-foot-3. If this were Eric Griffin at 6-foot-8, you'd say, 'Okay, well he's 6-foot-8. But Townsend is 6-foot-3 and can still finish like that.'"