Opponent: Missouri
Date: 1/25/2012 
"I was there for [this] game and sometimes when you look at a dunk, you have to look at more than just what he was able to accomplish with the dunk. Opening possession, he comes down the middle of the lane taking on the No. 2 team in the country at the time. And he’s been struggling, he wants to ignite his team and crowd, wants to let Missouri know that he’s there to play, and that’s exactly what Markel Brown did with that dunk over Kim English. It wasn’t just the dunk that was impressive.

"He took off and Kim English was standing right above that little halo line. He went right over the top and punched it through, but it was the flare in which he did it, the power in which he did it, and the showmanship afterwards that set the tone for that entire evening."