Opponent: Missouri
Date: 1/25/2012
"Markel Brown makes his second appearance on the Top 10. It might be because I’m more partial to it because I was right there for it. I saw the way it developed and how it was set up from a called play out of a timeout. Brown’s elevation, the power in which he was able to do it, being met in the air by the defensive player was amazing. He had the flare, he had the finish, and he sold it maybe a little too much, because he got a technical. But if you are ever going to get ejected out of a basketball game, that’s the one dunk you want to get ejected off of. It was just sensational when you consider where his head was at, where he caught the ball, and how he was able to rip it right back through.

"There have a been a lot of one-handed alley-oops this year, but what separated Browns’ was that he did it over the top of somebody in a big moment on a big stage when his team needed a big basket. Because of the combination of those three things, it takes the top spot over Pellum. Even with his ejection, it helped spurn his team to victory. It was kind of a buzz kill when he got ejected, because everybody was going crazy, then you saw boom, technical. Everybody knew he had already gotten one earlier in the game, and even from a broadcaster's perspective, it was disappointing seeing a technical called in that moment, because I wanted to celebrate the dunk with the young man. I wanted to have fun, I wanted to have our producer rack it up four or five times from different angles, because it was that spectacular. Instead, we had to go from the dunk to “Oh no, he just got his second technical and is gone for the game.

"That became more of the story than the dunk. It was a shame, because if that didn’t happen, I think I’d probably still be talking about it."