Although this year's NBA season has been tarnished by thwarted blockbuster trades, a frustrating hold out, and shocking retirements, the college basketball season has been just as exciting as it always is. Hundreds of crossovers, clutch shots and dunks have gone off without a hitch. The best part? They're doing it to win, not for a bigger contract (yet).

And although many of the year's most electric plays have come from the most expected players -- ahem, Anthony Davis, Jeremy Lamb, and Austin Rivers -- dozens of rim-rocking slams were thrown down at some highly unexpected schools. One even called upon his inner Go Go Gadget. Former UCLA Bruin forward and current ESPN college basketball analyst Sean Farnham helped Complex rank the Top 15 Dunks of the 2011-2012 College Basketball Season. Click through to see what player qualified two jams from the same game. 

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