It's been about two weeks since an ESPN headline regarding Jeremy Lin and the Knicks read "Chink in the Armor", resulting in public outrage and somebody getting fired. Wednesday night, after news broke that the Pittsburgh Steelers were going to release fan-favorite Hines Ward, the ESPN headline "No Happy Endings" drew some attention for being potentially racist and referring to a risque practice of illegal "massages."

The headline about the half-Korean receiver was changed shortly after, something that ESPN often does even when there is no worry that they did something wrong. All things considered, this is a title that is much more likely to be a simple mistake than a direct racial attack. Ward, who has the reputation of constantly smiling, has been with the Steelers for his entire 14-year career, yet even after offering to restructure his contract, got no love from his team. The city was outraged by the news, and Ward was clearly not pleased with the situation either. Again, we aren't sure what the circumstances were, and this could just as well be an overreaction. 

[via Shutdown Corner]

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