For the first time in decades, the Chicago Bears have a legitimate quarterback and wide receiver combo threat. After throwing to No. 2 and 3 receivers for the past few seasons, Jay Cutler will be throwing to old Denver Broncos teammate Brandon Marshall. New Bears general manager Phil Emery made a huge splash by trading just two third-round picks for the pro bowl receiver, a steal by anybody's standards. In his time with Denver, Marshall had at least 100 catches and 1,200 yards in every single season. With a mix of sub-par quarterbacks this past year, he caught 81 balls for 1,214 yards and six touchdowns. 

What does this mean for the Dolphins? It means they get rid of $18.4 million over the next two seasons. It also means that Miami is a much less attractive spot for any quarterbacks left on the market. There still might be one last option to overhaul the Dolphins offense, though. Both receiver Reggie Wayne and tight end Dallas Clark have played with Peyton Manning for their entire careers. He was the only quarterback they knew before this season, and we all saw how it worked out when somebody new was behind center. Could Miami be setting up to bring in Manning, Wayne, and Clark? If they don't want to be in the cellar for years to come, that might be their only choice. 

[via Adam Schefter]

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