Earlier this week, the finalists for FX's Ultimate Fighter Live were released and already one contestant has stood out above the rest. Unfortunately, though, it has nothing to do with his work in the Octagon. Dakota Cochrane was once involved in gay pornography. According to sites like Bloody Elbow and MMA Mania, Dakota went under the name "Danny" and performed in 16 films during his time at the University of Nebraska-Kearney. While most athletes would shy away from any discussion of such a past, Cochrane has faced the matter head-on by talking about it with MMA Fighting.com:

"It’s definitely a decision I regret,” he told MMA Fighting. “If I would have known what would happen I definitely wouldn’t have done it. But I had money issues and I needed help. I went there to do pictures, and they started throwing pretty high numbers in front of me. I didn’t really think. It was a big mistake.”

Even though the Nebraska native admits that he is not gay, if the reception on the mixed martial arts blogosphere is any indication as to how his time on the reality show will turn out, it's definitely not going to be an easy one.   

[via Off The Bench]

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