As we all know, meals can be hard to come by for some college basketball players. And hey, some college athletes go about it in different ways. Some will risk getting caught and ask for some money while others will mooch off a friend for as long as they can. The Gators' Erving Walker opted to avoid both of those options, and instead, just steal some grub on his own.

After receiving a $3 taco from a street vendor located at 100 South Main Street, Walker ran away and passed a police officer who demanded that he stop immediately. The Florida point guard ignored the request and continued running until he was eventually caught three blocks away from the incident with help from “several marked patrol cars.” Erving was arrested, given a notice to appear in court and charged with petty theft and resisting an officer without violence. We're all for college seniors ending their collegiate years with a bang, but this is not what we had in mind. 

[via The Big Lead]

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