Just because we're in the middle of the NFL off-season doesn't mean that the Jets-Patriots rivalry takes a break. During a recent appearance on ESPN, Rob Gronkowski and Darrelle Revis engaged in a little rapid fire session that resulted in some interesting responses from both sides. When the Jets cornerback was asked what was the first word that popped into his head when he heard the name of Pats' head coach Bill Belichick, he came out with "jerk." Clearly taken aback by the answer, Gronk later got in a dig of his own when Tim Tebow came up saying, "starting quarterback for the Jets." Of course, things ended on a positive note when both guys complimented each other's game, but something tells us that we'll be seeing this moment replayed on SportsCenter a couple hundred times when these two teams face each other next season.      

[via ESPN]

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