Already, Brandon Marshall? You just got traded yesterday and you're already forcing the Bears PR department to work overtime?!

According to the New York Post, the star wide receiver attended a charity event in New York City last weekend and followed it up by making a stop at a local nightclub afterwards. While he was there, a fight broke out—reportedly between Marshall and another unidentified athlete—that left Marshall throwing punches. During the scuffle, a woman by the name of Christin Myles was hit in the face by a punch and she's come out and claimed that it was Marshall that hit her. And now, Marshall and the Bears—who say they knew about the incident prior to trading for Marshall yesterday—are working double-duty to try and shoot down the woman's claims.

"Brandon Marshall was the key note speaker at a charitable event in New York," said a statement released by Marshall's lawyer earlier today. "After the event was over, he, his wife, and close friends attended a function at a local club. While at the function, a fight broke out NOT involving Mr. Marshall or his friends."

Sigh. Please say it ain't so, man. With you in the lineup, the Bears have a real shot of going to the Super Bowl this year. Of course, the key words there are "in the lineup." And situations like this one aren't gonna do anything to help you stay there—especially when you've got a past like you do. Hopefully you're not the latest Bears receiver to find himself in serious trouble.

[via New York Post]

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