As somebody who has only started a total of 12 games, it's shocking how big the cloud of drama surrounding Brady Quinn has been for most of his professional career. Although his only playing time came for Cleveland, from which his underwhelming performance led to heavy criticism, Quinn was stuck right in the middle of the tumultuous quarterback quandary as backup in Denver this past year when starting quarterback Kyle Orton wasn't playing well and fans were calling for third-stringer Tim Tebow.

Apparently ranking on the depth chart was not important, as Quinn was bypassed, and Tebow rose to glory. Once Quinn realized that Tebow, and possibly Peyton Manning, were the leaders of that team, he decided it was time to go. Sure enough, Quinn refused a higher-paying offer from Denver to sign with the Kansas City Chiefs

“I’m just looking forward to getting back to playing under Romeo,” Quinn said. “I think he’s a smart choice. I think he definitely knows how to take care of players and put us in the best possible position to win. ... If you look at the Denver situation, there’s a lot of unknowns. It’s a great organization, having been a part of it for two years and all that, but I felt like for me personally, it was a better situation to go to Kansas City.”

A better situation is right. He'll still be a backup, but getting out from behind the shadow of Tebow before, now Manning, will make for a much less stressful season for the Notre Dame alum. 

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