How many roster spots do the Clippers have left? It feels like we hear about a new player that they're interested in every other day. And yet, last time we checked, their bench was looking pretty full these days.

No matter. This team is clearly making an all-out push to win a championship this season. So they're exploring every option they can to make their team better (bet you never thought you'd say that about the Clippers!). Their latest interest? Ray Allen, who is apparently on the trading block in Boston. Right now, the Clips are rolling with Randy Foye at the shooting guard position. And while he's solid player, Ray-Ray would definitely be an upgrade for them.

Only question: Who could the Clippers possibly trade for Allen? A draft pick? Eric Bledsoe? Mo Williams? The services of Clipper Darrell? Guess we'll have to wait 'til the trade deadline and see.

[via Fan Nation]

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