Is Antoine Walker ever going to catch a break? Last week, we posted a recent Sports Illustrated story that caught up with Walker in Boise, Idaho where he's currently trying to get his career—and, more importantly, his life—back together by playing in the NBA's D-League. But, now, we've got more bad news to tell you about the former NBA superstar. Walker, who won an NBA championship with the Miami Heat in 2006, was just forced to sell his championship ring for $21,500. He still owes somewhere in the neighborhood of $8 million to creditors following a 2010 bankruptcy case, so just about all of his assets are being liquidated right now to help pay off that debt. And that includes the championship ring that he worked so hard for.

One day, we hope to get some good news about Walker for a change. Unfortunately, today isn't that day.

[via SLAM]

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