Last week, DeSean Jackson guaranteed that the Philadelphia Eagles will win a Super Bowl next season. And we called him an idiot for doing it. After everything that the Eagles went through last season with the "Dream Team" nonsense, it was a stupid thing for him to do.

But, you know what's even stupider? When another member of the Eagles comes out and essentially makes the same exact guarantee just one week later. Behold the stupidity of Jackson's teammate LeSean "Shady" McCoy, who appeared on ESPN yesterday to try and make a case for himself for the cover of Madden 13 and had this to say.

"I'm on the Dream Team," he said. "This year we're guaranteeing a championship and I would love to be on the Madden cover."

SMH. You guys better hope your guarantee comes true. Otherwise, something tells us the people of Philadelphia won't let you forget it.

[via NBC Philadelphia]

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