For the record, getting a vasectomy sounds like a terrible idea to us. But, if you absolutely have to get one, here's a tip: Get it done during the NCAA Tournament. At least you'll have something to do while you're laid up in bed for a few days. That's the advice that a urology clinic is Massachusetts is giving right now. And, the Urology Associates of Cape Cod have even gone as far as to offer free pizza to any guy who has the balls to come into the clinic this month to receive a vasectomy during March Madness.

"We wanted men to relax and give them an excuse to watch the game," Evan Cohen, one of the clinic's practicing coordinators, told the New York Daily News yesterday.

We're not sure about the relaxing part. We're talking about a vasectomy here. But if it's gotta be done, there's nothing like some college hoops and free pizza to make it a little less painful. Emphasis on the "little."

[via NY Daily News]

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