We get it. Despite the fact that players like Liz Gorman of the Tampa Breeze signed up to play in the Lingerie Football League, going out every week and playing football in a bra and panties can't be all that comfortable. We'd imagine that, wardrobe malfunctions aside, you'd also walk off the field after every game with a bunch of scrapes and bruises that wouldn't be there if you had a more conventional uniform on. So, before we say what we have to say, just know that we totally understand the concerns that Gorman expressed recently.

At the same time, you're playing in the Lingerie Football League. So, if we tune in and you're wearing a pair of white Spandex pants and a traditional football jersey, do you really think we're gonna be tuned in for long? Not likely. Yet, Gorman still thinks that, at some point, LFL players are going to wear something other than lingerie.

"I mean, I don't like it," she said recently. "You'd rather wear full clothing. I have a bunch of scrapes on me...You look at basketball, you used to have to wear skirts. Obviously it's changed, they have the WNBA now. So if you look back, women's sports has constantly evolved and I think that this sports league is going to end up changing the uniform."

We can't argue with women's sports evolving. They certainly have. But, when you sign up to play in the Lingerie Football League, shouldn't you sort of expect lingerie to always play a major part in it?

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[via CBC News]

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