Pools, pools, pools. That's all we can think about right now. And we're not talking about actual pools (although, with the way the weather's been on the East Coast this week, would you blame us if we were?). We're talking about 2012 NCAA Tournament pools. We've each got about 15 of them going right now and...HOLY SHIT! Please tell us Colorado State isn't going to upset Murray State! That would absolutely kill the 7th pool and it's only the first game of the tourney! DAMNIIIIIIIT!!!!!!!

Oh, sorry. Anyway, back to what we were saying. All we can think about right now is NCAA pools. So, we can't really blame Max Kohll for doing what he did earlier this week. He decided to organize a pool for the NCAA tourney and charge people $5 per entry. No biggie, right? Comparatively speaking, five bucks is nothing for an NCAA pool. Only problem? Max is only in the fifth grade at a school in Omaha, Neb. So, according to the Omaha World-Herald, his five-dollar pool earned him a trip to the principal's office and shut down his little "illegal" operation.

Our only question: How much do you wanna bet the principal filled out a bracket of his own this week? So, that's kind of a double standard, no? Oh well. We've gotta get back to watching Colorado State ruin all of our hopes and dreams...

[via Deadspin]

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