Many of these players, aside from Sessions and McGee, are veterans who can provide lots of leadership and small contributions on the court. Sessions could end up being a huge pickup for the Lakers, as he's been putting in quality minutes in Cleveland while getting overshadowed by Kyrie Irving. He's surely a nice upgrade over the aging Derek Fisher. The Pacers pulled off the sneakiest pickup amidst the trade chaos by getting Barbosa who has been quietly averaging 12 points per game. 

Stephen Jackson - Traded from Bucks to Warriors, then to Spurs

Richard Jefferson - Traded from Spurs to Warriors

Marcus Camby - Traded from Trail Blazers to Rockets

Ramon Sessions - Traded from Cavaliers to  Lakers

Mehmet Okur - Traded from Nets to Blazers

JaVale McGee - Traded from Wizards to Nuggets

Leandro Barbosa - Traded from Raptors to Pacers