These guys can all still give major contributions wherever they are going. Apparently the Nuggets weren't wanting to wait until Nene reached the point in his new $67 million contract when he would be overpaid. Considering he's been one of the most consistent players in franchise history and recently in the NBA, the trade was pretty surprising. It will be interesting to see how Ellis works in Milwaukee with Brandon Jennings already there. Yes, they can both score a lot, but they also both go on heavy cold streaks. Jennings isn't really a pure point guard, so we'll see what happens. As for Gerald? He could be part of a nice trio with Deron Williams and Brook Lopez. Or he could be trade fodder for Dwight Howard. 

Nene - Traded from Nuggets to Wizards

Monta Ellis - Traded from Warriors to Bucks

Andrew Bogut - Traded from Bucks to Warriors

Gerald Wallace - Traded from Blazers to Nets

Nick Young - Traded from Wizards to Lakers to Clippers