Right now, tons of staticians and oddsmakers are cranking numbers trying to figure out who has the upperhand in Super Bowl XLVI. Stats like QB passer ratings, third-down conversion percentages, and points allowed per game will all be considered in deciding the favorite. But at Complex we do things a little different, that's why we're looking at the women behind the top athletes on the New England Patriots and New York Giants. There's a great woman (and a few jumpoffs) behind every great man, so we're picking our Super Bowl favorite based on the wives and girlfriends of both teams.

That's right, the time has come for our annual Wifey Showdown. The G-Men come through cuffing their college sweethearts, while the Pats boast porn and reality stars (if you're into that kind of thing). Peep the list and tell us who wins Wifey Showdown: The WAGs of Super Bowl XLVI.