These school videos are getting exhausting. They're like the last few seasons of Entourage. You know they're probably not going to be satisfying to watch, but you do anyways. Then after you're done, you just want those wasted minutes of your time back. The recent attempt came out of the SEC's newest member, the Missouri Tigers. Within the first 20 seconds, you automatically know it's one of the worst that's been made. The frat boys set Mizzou and the perception of white people's rhythm back many years with wildly boring lyrics, embarrassingly uncomfortable dancing, and a chorus that induces the scrunched up face you get when somebody cuts the cheese. 

Amongst the headbands, out-of-place shirt and tie, and argyle, these three knuckleheads managed to take some shots at a few schools, including rival Kansas. Of course, the Jayhawks aren't about to let that go unanswered. Three equal bros in crimson and blue recreated the awful opening with perfection and took the opportunity to own Mizzou by expressing KU's basketball dominance. Mizzou has never been the Final Four, something Kansas has done 13 times, and has only won three of the past 20 meetings. After this, we're sure these two teams are even more pumped to show the nation who's boss when they meet this Saturday in Columbia for the first of two games this season. We're going to be extremely disappointed if this rivaly actually comes to a close. 

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