Being a bus driver on the daily would be tough, especially in a busy city center. You're constantly dealing with rude drivers, bikers who think they own the center of a lane, and pedestrians who expect you to stop even when you have a green light. It takes patience to say the least, and if a driver loses his cool, he puts himself and numerous others in serious danger. 

Twenty-nine-year-old Gavin Hill must have been having a particularly frustrating day when he used his bus as a wrecking ball, sweeping across the street in an intentional attack on a 43-year-old cyclist. The hit, which happened in Bristol, England, sent Phillip Mead flying and left him with fractures to his left wrist and leg and his thumb. Hill has been sent to jail for 17 months for the outburst of road rage. 

"This was not an accident. It was an assault, deliberate dangerous driving," Judge Mark Horton said. "You used that vehicle as a weapon to bully and intimidate the cyclist who, in the end, was struck by that bus." Hill is also banned from driving for two-and-a-half years and will be required to pass an extended driving test to attain his license. 

[via The Guardian]

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