Can Kia do anything wrong these days? Along with Hyundai, the South Korean car company is rapidly growing due to high sales from its Sorrento, Optima, and Soul models. With this new Super Bowl commercial that features Victoria's Secret mega model Adriana Lima, UFC legend Chuck Liddell, and '80s band Mötley Crüe, we imagine Optimas are going to see an even bigger spike in sales. The ad follows a dream sequence, in which the gentleman speeds around a race track for a grandstand with hundreds of bikini-wearing babes. There are also a couple of lumberjacks chopping a giant sandwich, because what dude doesn't love a super sub? 

You know how people have parties on these cold winter nights, and the woman in the house wants to put a fake fireplace screensaver on their massive 55" TV to make it feel more homey? Well, we've got the perfect guy equivalent of that. Next time you have your poker game with all the boys put on this five-hour video that Kia made of Lima salaciously waving a checkered flag. Your homies will be so distracted by the slow-motion seduction that you'll be able to easily take home the winnings. Thank us later. 

[via Autoblog]

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